2021 Summer limited specification 006T (C) Grab is now on sale !!

It is an introduction of a limited glove!

Summer is here.

Just hearing summer will come up with hot things. It can be said that it is a unique feeling of a baseball player.

In addition, this year is the first summer Koshien in two years and the Tokyo Olympics 2020, which has been waiting for one year, will be held safely, so it seems to be a summer that will have a special feeling.

Limited grabs will be sold from Wagyu JB this summer this summer!

Wagyu beef JB2021 Limited Model "006T (C)"


■ Infield hand grab
■ Applications: For hard type
■ Material: Miyazaki Wagyuhide
■ Size: 28.8cm * The size is a guide.
■ Body color: Orange/Power Orange/Black
■ Mouton Color: Black

It is the appearance of three colors!

The model number of the grab is the same as the 006T, which was released in 2021, and is a recommended glove for players who mainly handle short -thirded balls.

It will be time to switch to the new team and it will be time to buy a new grab, so we hope you will consider it once.

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"Response to strong hits" lies in the key. Can 006T (c) be a new form of the orthodox model?

Let's look at the limited specification grab.

I guess many people may have imagined a "flashy color scheme squid grab" and "grabs equipped with a new web" after hearing it as a limited specification ...

006T (c) is very simple. It is an orthodox model that can be protected anywhere in Uchino.

"More simpler. To more orthodox."I want to make something that matches the current baseball world with the concept. 006T (C) made with such thoughts.

A glove face that opens well on the left and right around the Wagyu JB logo engraved on the catching surface. The eliminated fingertips are arched wrapped around the catching surface, and the exquisite size is exquisite size that is not as long as the described size. It is a model that can easily convey the force from the little finger side by the small finger hinge is designed slightly closer to the bank, and can "grab" firmly.

The simple cross web attached is a few millimeters widely than the conventional one, and will definitely show strength at the ball. And the classic web with no gorgeous decoration is more prominent the beauty of the grab form!

TrulyThe royal road is strong. The royal road is beautiful.It can be said that it embodies.


Awareness of catching the ball that the powered ball brought. "Capture and throw" → "CapturefromReform of awareness of throwing.

Evolution of defense on the back of the improvement of hitting speed (strength) born from strong swing awareness

The background of the production contains the desire to respond to the power -up baseball world.

In recent Koshien, the number of high school students who hit the ball fast enough to be able to catch up with a TV camera has increased.

It is clear that not only the 4th batter who plays the team's main axis, but also the hit balls that hit the 8th and 9th batters are increasing year by year, and that the baseball world hitting technology is increasing. is.

In the future, there will surely increase the number of Japanese players who surprise the world with hitting rods, such as Shohei Otani, who has overwhelming long hitting power in MLB.


 By grabbing the "strong ball" firmly, it will definitely catch the ball, and the flow will be strongly sent.

As the hit ball became stronger, the play style of the players who defended has gradually changed.

Until now, many players called masters tend to prefer small and shallow grabs in pockets, so the purpose is to take the ball quickly after catching.A common name that hits the ball to push out the catching surface of the grab and handles the ball quickly.It was important to quickly do the action of "catching and throwing" in the catch method called "hit catching", but it was "fast," which brought the artificial turf in the infield field and the improvement of hitting techniques. In order to respond to "strong hits", the catch method will evolve.

The number of players who practice two small fingers in many MLB players has increased, and the number of professionals who use large grabs unlike before has increased.CapturingfromTry to throw。 I think it has changed to the idea.


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 Limited Model "006T (c)" that enables hybrid molds between "grab" and "hitting"

Just because the hitting ball has become stronger does not mean that the goro of the bottle is no longer flying.

It is best to be able to securely hit a strong ball, and you can hit the ball quickly on the grab on the goro of the bottle.


\006t (c) is possible! / /

Please see the next video! (4: 59 ~)

This video is a video with 006T molded by "Run Oi Channel with Gorispo".

From 4:59 ~, two pockets, as states, "Goro pockets are made on the ring finger, and ball catching under the web". In other words, you can see that it is a model number (006t) that can be type in hybrid.

Let's actually look at the capture surface of 006T (c)!

↑↑ 006t (c) is the catching surface.

Because you can grab and catch it as you talked about at the beginning, there is also a size that you can make two pockets in a completely vertical glove.

In fact, the catch pocket is also a glove designed on a wide (horizontal)!

* Of course, you can also use Proteios (Protios) explained in the video! !

 If you stop the fast ball firmly, the loose goro will show you a flowing ball and you can make a splendid defense, you will enjoy baseball even more!

It is this 006T (c) that I want to push by all means to fulfill such a play.


Because it is a limited item, the number is limited ...

The grab 006T (c) introduced this time is limited to the limited edition, so the number is limited.

The production of Japanese beef JB is a very small production, which is lined up in stores and sold at this online store.Strike while the iron is hotis.

You can purchase from the following banner from the product purchase page, so please take a look at the page and consider it.

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