New pitching machine | Introducing carefully selected items! Vol.2


For those who like new products, of course, new pitching machines!

The best thing about a new pitching machine is that it's a new one! In the English proverb,[Newer is truer] "The newer the item, the more genuine it is"There is a word. When you actually pick it up, you realize that the goodness of a new product cannot be changed.'s "new pitching machine" is new,[10% OFF]! New products[10% OFF]is! University baseball teams and adult baseball teams often want a machine that suits the conditions of the team, and in some cases the "used machine" cannot handle it. In such a case, after all, it is easy to deal with a "new machine" with a large number of items. You can customize the machine to suit your needs. Now, we will continue to introduce carefully selected items for new pitching machines, as we did last time!

Introducing carefully selected items of new pitching machine-Vol.2

<2nd: Arm machine/All-ball machine>

[Arm machine: NA710]

New pitching machine arm machine NA710 ball park dot com

● For hard type

●Number of stock/100 balls

*This model is built with the best points of safety, functionality, performance, cost, etc.

[All-ball type machine: NB511K(N)]

New pitching machine All-ball machine NB511

● For both hard and soft

● Inverter control

● Manual lifting type

* Pitchers of all types from side throw to over throw can be envisioned. The most popular model of the 4-legged series!

<3rd: Combination machine>


New pitching machine combination machine NCS320K ball park dot com

● For both hard and soft

● Combination of changing ball (curve) and straight

*Ideal for batting practice in response to changes in changing ball and straight!


New pitching machine combination machine NCS310 ball park dot com

● For both hard and soft

● All-ball & all-ball combination

● If you set it at 2 bats, you can practice batting of 2 people at the same time with 1 unit!

How is it? There are various machines! Please choose a machine that suits your team's condition and usage!

⇒ Check the website for more information on new pitching machines!

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