Training bat | Compare lightweight bats with weight bats! Training bat selection (2)

I've been comparing the training bat with weight!

I would like to introduce a training bat that has been sold by the Ball Park Dot Com from the last time. This time, we focused on "weight."

Heavy Takebats.

Red: 1100g black: 1200g

In the past, it was said that the speed of the swing would increase by continuing with a heavy bat, but it is now widely accepted that the weight bat is not suitable for up to the swing speed. However, in fact, the weight bat has an "indirect" effect in order to increase the swing speed. The most effective effect of the weight bat.It means "endurance" (stamina). In other words, "muscles for raising the endurance" are attached.

The muscles for lifting your endurance[slow muscle]But it is a muscle that is often associated with marathoners. [slow muscle]So, as it is, it is not a muscle that provides the speed of speed that is necessary for an instantaneous power.a muscle that is used to persist staminaThat's right. In order to speed up,Speed to body. 'It is the most effective thing to have a sense of the body and the speed of the transmission of the nerve, so it is not possible to speed up the weight of the weight bat.

But here's the important point! Maintaining fast swing requires stamina and endurance to maintain the speed. In short, training in weight bats is important to wear the stamina that shook the bat at a long, fast speed! I want to say that in order to be able to achieve some kind of goal, I'm going to be able to make sure that I'm going to be able to do this"Indirect training"It's important!

Lightweight bamboo bats.

It's not a heavy bat in order to get the swing speed with lightweight batis very effective. This is related to the nature of the muscles, which has been proven in the field of sports science.

You can make your muscles feel the speed. In order to learn how to use this "muscle nature" to learn how fast it is, it is best to practice swift swings using light batts! Basis, I usually do.Training in "prime" trainingis very important. A light bat, which is used in gestures, is made a light bat, and is repeated with the best of the bats. In this gesture, if the bat is light, it is not to be lightly swinging! Please run "Soothed"!

Among the "90cm training bamboo bats" sold by , the following three are particularly suitable for gestures.

*The weight from the top is 550g, 650g, and 750g.

In sports science, we have been able to do it in a light bat in order to speed up the swing speed.

The detailed information on the weighing of the bamboo bass is from Kochira!

See the detailed information on the lightweight bamboos from the kochilla.

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