• 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム
  • 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム
  • 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム
  • 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム
  • 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム
  • 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム
  • 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム
  • 38cmミニバット - ボールパークドットコム

38 cm Minivat


Original Baseball Monument 38cm Mini Bat
a creakin (made of vinyl chloride)

You can mark up to 30 characters, and use it as a special commemoration in every scene, including wedding ceremonies and graduation ceremonies.

It will be added to a paper box with a special addition of 300 yen.
The price is the price for the tick charge.

No coating is used, and wood skin is used.Please note that the texture may change slightly depending on the materials used.

You can tick the logo or mark of your team or company.
Logo-capture fee 1 logo/2,000 yen (for the first time only)

You may want to send multiple orders with a data attachment, such as a team name in a team.

You can also order a fax from the fax.*Please download and use the Excel data for a large number of orders.

 PDF data   Excel data

If you need to contact us by phone,0985833186
For more information, please contact us. info@japan-ballpark.com

[Delivery] Approximated 2 weeks


A collection of commemorative works

Caseplease choose

No. Layout sample

Fixed character

*Maximum 30 characters

Please enter here the fixed characters such as school name and graduation. Please specify the font here
Some characters, such as old kanji and symbols, cannot be used.
If you are unable to register, please enter the usual kanji or katakana.
[Example 1: Old Kanji] Taka (Hashigodaka), 﨑 (Tachizaki), etc.
[Example 2: Roman numerals] ⅠⅡⅢⅣⅤ (commonly used for apartment, condominium, and building names)
[Example 3: Abbreviation] ㈲㈹ Co., Ltd. Parentheses used in company names

Individual character

*If you purchase more than one, please fill in the form below.
If it is one, no entry is required.
Please enter here where you want to engrave each name differently. Please insert a line break for each line.


Example) Select layout No. 1. Order quantity, for 4 pieces.


Celebration troupe * The same typeface and characters for all four books


Tokyo Yankees * The same typeface and characters for all four books

  • 1st...(Yasunobu Yamauchi)
  • 2nd...Ken Haji
  • 3rd...Haneji Tsuyoshi
  • 4th...Seiichiro Godai

2019.8.8 * The same typeface and characters for all four books.


If you wish to have emoticons on the stamp, please enter Heart A etc.

ボールA ボールB ハートA ハートB スターA スターB
Ball A Ball B Heart A Bamboo bat/wooden bat trivia Star a Star b
クロスA クロスB サクラ フラワー クローバー ファイアー
Cross A Cross B Cherry blossom flour Clover Fire

> Souvenir example collection

Use previously captured logo
I would like to import the logo + 2000 yen + tax (1 logo / first time only)

If you want to import the logoThis "logo capture option"Please add to your cart to purchase.
When sending the logo via e-mail, please inform us of the orderer's name and team name.

Please fill in the remarks column if the engraved contents are different for each request or multiple purchases.
If you have a desired delivery date, please enter it.

- point
Base price


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