[Limited edition] Natural Japanese beef JB grab/001Y model/high school baseball rules compatible

[Limited edition] Natural Japanese beef JB grab/001Y model/high school baseball rules compatible

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What is Natural Wagyu beef JB Grab?

What is "Natural Wagyu JB Grab"! ?

Natural Japanese beef JB Grab isWagyu beef JB Grab second lineis.

The scratches and wrinkles in the leather are proof that Japanese beef has lived.

Ball Park Dotcom has launched the "Natural Wagyu JB Grab" as a second line of the Wagyu beef JB grab to take advantage of the material containing this certificate.

There are always scratches and wrinkles in animal leather, but Wagyu JB does not process it to hide the scratches or wrinkles.

It is to make the most of the grip power, durability, restoration, etc. of natural leather. In addition, "Natural Wagyu JB Grab" is manufactured on the same line as Wagyu JB, so there is no difference from Wagyu JB Grab in both functionality, operability, and usability.

We hope that the natural Japanese beef JB glove scratches and wrinkles can be used by naturalists who can understand that they are grabs produced by natural leather.

Leather scratches Lineage

The cow itself rubbed on the fence etc.
When you get stuck
Scratch that can be done.

I was running under the skin
Blood vessels remained in leather

[Natura List specification]

* Like the image, some scratches and wrinkles are included.

* Since it is a natural leather, please note that scratches and wrinkles are different depending on the product.

* Because it is carefully finished one by one, the functionality, operability, and usability are comparable to Japanese beef JB grab.

■ pitcher glove
■ Applications: For hard type
■ Material: Miyazaki Wagyuhide
■ Size: 11.6 inches * Size is a guide.
■ Body color: Power orange
■ Mouton Color: White
■ Label color

Table Restoration: Power Orange

■ Core Tori: Double horizontal toji
■ Technique race: Regular winding
■ For right throwing
JB MultiWith a bag
■ Made in Japan

Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges for leather scratches and wrinkles.

Elementary / junior high school hard -type league can be used

Boys League designated companyYoung League designated company

Click here for the rules of elementary and junior high school hard baseball tools






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