Custom order bat simulation page is renewed

The custom order bat simulation page has been reopened.

You can select from 5 types of timber.

And you can make your own order bat from the largest bat model in Japan.


What is a custom order bat?

It is an introduction of a system called "JB Custom Order Bat"! This order system is a system that produces a bat based on 20 types of bat [ * Basic model].

* The basic model is the shape of the basic bat.

From this [Basic model], select your favorite model (shape), and in each model, you can change the size such as "I want to make the length of 1cm longer" and "I want to make the weight 10g heavy". It is.

First, choose the bat material!

5 bat materials![Maple from North America] [Barch] [Ash] [Ramy] [Bamboo]is.

[Maple from North America]Is a very popular bat material in the major league. The hardness is between the blue tamo and the ash, and it can be said that it is a bat material that fits in a highly humid country or a country with dry climate.

[Ash]teeth,Native to North America, it is very solid and very dry, depending on its climate and environment. It is said to be easy to break because it is very dry. Since there is not much "Shinari", it can be said that it has the property that does not fit in humid Japan. However, for players who have become familiar with metal bats to high school, this firm feel resembles a metal bat, so many players use white ash instead of metal bats when continuing baseball at universities and adults. is.

[Birch]Is a bat material that I haven't heard much in Japan. The barch is a kaba material. Actually, this bull.It is very good as a bat material. Because it has equal and precise wooden skin, the material is hard, there is little malfunction such as warping, it is resistant to water, and the stickiness and strength are perfect! Friends praised the US -made bat made of vertical wood.

[Ramy]Was made by stacking a different wood board, not a bat made of a single tree."Plywood bat"is.Ramie Bat of Ball Park DotcomThe bamboo part of the bat is bamboo, and the four hits are maple materialIt is synthesized in. The core is hard to break because the core is a bamboo bamboo, which is optimal for the game, and the hitting surface is a maple material, so the feeling of hitting is close to a single tree bat (such as maplebat)! If you catch the core, the flight distance is the same as a single tree bat!

【bamboo】Is a regular sizeA bamboo bat that is made by sticking a bamboo board to make a square timber, and the square material is cut into the shape of the feature is that it is hard and hard to break, and when the ball is removed when hitting the ball, the vibration occurs and the hands are numb.Most high schools, universities, and the baseball club of working people have adopted bamboo bats in practice.recentlyThe number of junior high school students who can gradually adopt the practice is increasing.
In addition, bamboo bat is harder to break than wooden bats.Economicis.


Ball Park Dot Com is one of the few companies that make bat with a variety of barch materials in Japan!

Choose your favorite model from the 20 JB basic 20 models

Once you select the bat material, the next step is to choose your favorite model from the 20 basic models. The features of each model are explained in detail on the website, so read carefully and choose. Here is a list of 20 JB basic 20 models.

These 20 models areStandard of 84㎝ length and weight 880gSo, if the length and weight that suits you are different from the standard, you can change them in the following range.

Length: between 82cm and 86cm

Weight: Between 860g and 930g

In addition, the head cut can be the same as the basic model, or you can select "Kuri -out".


If you decide in order, you can order your favorite bat without worrying much.

There are many players who feel that the first order bat feels high, but please feel free to contact us without worrying about it. The staff will explain carefully!

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