JB MORDERG和牛JB多色オーダーグラブ・ミット

STEP1Please choose your use application, the position and base glove.

■ The current delivery time is about 60 days.
※ It is a delivery date excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in Japan. If the holidays such as Golden Week holidays, Obon and New Year's holidays are in between, please allow an additional week for delivery.
※ If you would like to have it molded, the delivery time is approximately one more week.

1.Please choose the use application

※Although the WAGYU JB Glove is only manufactured for hardball players, there are no quality issues with the WAGYU JB Glove when it is used for softball players, allowing them to experience the original performance of the WAGYU JB Glove.
※If you want to use it for rubber-ball baseball/softball, we recommend a softer molding. If you would like a softer shaping, please fill in the details in the remarks column at the bottom of this page.

2.Please choose a basic model.

※About indication of the glove size

Model for pitchers

Model for infielders

Model for outfielders

Model for catchers

Model for first basemen