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Store Name Ball Park Dot Com
Company Name Ball Park Dotcom Co., Ltd.
Representative Yasunobu Yamauchi
Capital 33 million yen
Address 〒880-0841
4353-5 Shimoyabuko, Yoshimura-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Phone Number 0985-83-3186
Fax Number 0985-83-3187
Email Address
Business Hours 9:00 ~ 18:00
Products ・ Baseball supplies (order bat, ball, grab, pitching machine, etc.)
・ Sign ball / sign bat sales
・ Baseball commemoration (graduation / graduation / other, for weddings and 60th birthday celebration)
・ Pitching machine (new/used)
・ Ground supplies (ball collection (ball -proof) net, dragonfly, lake)
・ Baseball -related books
・ Manufacture and sale of sports equipment
・ Sales of medical equipment
・ Performance related to sports
・ Event planning
・ Sales of used sports equipment
・ Operation of public facilities and public exercise facilities
・ Management contract business
・ Sports workshops and holding business of classrooms, etc.
・ Training project for leaders who are responsible for sports show
・ Planning, manufacturing, wholesale and sales of leather products
Delivery Record Delivery record Here
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Seize your own dream.
Seize your own victory.

Seize your one and only victory.
Today you will swing the bat.
Today you will put your soul into one pitch.
Your one pitch is what you are.
Your swing is what you are.
The number of gloves is the number of dreams.
The number of bats is the number of challenges.
One pitch every day, one swing every day.
Only after that, your victory and your dream are waiting for you.
Win against your rivals.
Win the game.
Beat the person you were yesterday.
The moment of defense where mistakes are not allowed.
The moment of hitting that makes the difference between victory and defeat.
You are challenging yourself to achieve your own dream. wants to cheer you on.
Unlike anyone else's, each and every one of our products is carefully crafted by hand by craftsmen.
With the products that support your dreams, which are carefully made by craftsmen's hands, one by one, and unlike any other.
Your dream is in your hands.
Seize your own dream. Seize your own victory.
Only one person in the world can make your play.
Only one person in the world.
You are that one person in the world.

Only one

Ball Park Dot Com
Ball Park Dot Com

Company Profile