Legal notice

Notation based on specific trade law

distributor Co., Ltd Ball Park dot com
operation Director Yamauchi 康信
address 〒880-0841
Miyazaki-city, Miyazaki 吉村町 under Bush upper 4353-5
phone number 0985-83-3186
FAX number 0985-83-3187
email address
qualification / license 【dealer in secondhand articles permit number】Miyazaki Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 951010014031 No.
please read the terms and Conditions carefully.
  • 【 shipping 】
    Hokkaido and Okinawa 1,000 yen
    Kyushu(Okinawa excluding) 500 yen
    other prefectures 700 yen
    (purchase 10,000 yen or more free)
    (Pitching machine and ground supplies some of the supplies, the delivery destination and the weight for the shipping calculation for you. For further information, please contact us)

  • ※remote Islands and some areas even adding shipping will not take.
    ※ Overseas shipment is not done.

  • ※Kuroneko Yamato mail service about
    5㎝-8㎝mini bat 10 books in,skin gloves 2 pieces in the mail shipping also available. Nationwide uniform 200 yen. However, the arrival of the date and time specified is not possible. If you wish to order, please contact us.

  • 【Bank transfer Commission] in 
    each of the financial institutions under the provisions of

  • 【cash on delivery Commission]
    purchase price regardless of the nationwide uniform fee:380 yen(tax included) * 1 delivery destination on

    the carrier:Kuroneko Yamato

  • trade
  • 【Internet】
  • on the website from the purchase screen to move down. Pre-registration if login is required.
  • If you are not a registered member or your membership if you do not want to also be purchased(PC site only). If the customer's purchase information when we please enter.

  • 【FAX】
    FAX order form to FAX as available.

  • 【Contact】
    memorabilia and order(customized)product outside of the item only phone available.
  • Payment method
  • [Bank 】

    Mizuho Bank, Miyazaki branch,
    normally 1774052
    account name Limited Company Ball Park dot com

    Japan net Bank head office sales Department
    normal 1493715
    account name Limited Company Ball Park dot com

    The Miyazaki Bank, Shrine branch
    normally 12184
    account name Limited Company Ball Park dot com

    ※transfer fee will be borne by the customer please note.

  • 【Price substitution】

    carrier:Yamato Transport

    to deliver the goods at the goods exchange price,cash or credit or electronic money, etc. in the order may not be accepted.

  • 【Credit card】

    1 time payment・bonus payment・installment・revolving credit
    ・American Express
    ・Diners Club International
    overseas issued VISA/Master Card is the bonus payment and the handling can not be.
    ※ Card by IS to use some of my payment methods.

  • 【Konbini】

    ・Family Mart
    ・Seiko Mart
    ・Circle K
    ・data wireless machine

    * payment in cash only.

  • 【ATM settlement】

    ・Yucho Bank
    ・Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
    ・Mizuho Bank
    ・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    ・Resona Bank

    ※other page mark of your ATM payment.
    ※ Convenience installed in the ATMS can not pay.

  • 【The Bank net settlement(net banking)】<br

    / Bank of Tokyo・Mitsubishi UFJ
    ・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking
    ・Japan net Bank
    ・Rakuten Bank
    ・Jibun Bank and other
  • payment
  • [Bank] ensure
    order within 7 days after payment.

  • 【In the case of cash on delivery】
    delivery at the time of payment.

  • [Credit card]

    the order immediately after credit card payment site payment.

  • 【Convenience store・ATM・Bank net settlement of the case】

    the order immediately after the settlement at the site and after the procedure,within 15 days of payment.
  • Delivery time
  • [deliver days a guide】

    stock-----closed(calendar) Except the working days Within 2 days of
    order memorabilia-----after the order 7 ~ 21 days
    off the bat-----orders after 30 days and within 60 days
    order the grab-----larger -
    pitching machines products-----after the order within 15 days

    ※delivery time is if you want to change the individual to notice.
    ※ Cash settlement, except for tire and wheel.
    ※ Product availability and confirmation of payment, etc shipment in a few days and may require some time in. In that case please note that questions it.
    ※ Weather, road conditions,delivery area, such as by the delivery delay may please note.
  • Return / exchange about
    • 【due to any reason attributable to the customer, return and replacement for]
      by the customer not accept returns for a refund may be refused for the following reasons
      ・ When replacing,after the arrival to the product"within 7 days of contact"and,"within 10 days of return", please.
      In addition, it may become a problem when shipping on the customer expense.
      Also, the following items applicable to the goods accept returns or exchanges of items that I can not do so please be careful.
      ● Used even once the product
      the customer for goods
      the customer is responsible for staining, damage of goods resulting in
      ● after the commodity arrives 11 days or more past products
      ● on the home page image and the real thing and some of the color image of the difference
      ● Shipping・Limited product
      ※the product is always in the bag packing please return

    • [order and the delivered goods can differ】

      Please contact us within 7DAYS after delivery.
      The customer is returned after the replacement(substitution)we will dispatch your goods.
      Product returned・from this re-dispatch at the time of shipping is our expense.

    • [Deliver goods to the damaged if there was a】

      after the arrival to the product,within 7 days, please contact us.
      Carrier by tear・staining and validate it in order,when opening the package the state of goods, please refrain from using.

    • [Product if there are defects in】
      free repair, replacement, return we will. (Postage our burden)
      in addition, the product against defects for the presence of the customer and manufacturer views of the miscompare, the company, as determined by you with your user card ID number and password.

    • 【Return address】
      Co., Ltd Ball Park dot com
      Miyazaki 吉村町 under Bush upper 4353-5
      TEL 0985-83-3186 (IP phone: 050-3376-3700)