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【Corporate history】

  • Sep. 2002 Inc. established (1-2-24 Jingu-higashi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki)
  • Nov. 2003 Entrusted with maintenance and management of Ivy Stadium at Ikume no Mori Athletic Park
  • April 2004 "JB Bat" goes on sale
  • Aug. 2004 1st Miyazaki Prefecture High School Baseball Alumni Tournament planned and operated
  • Oct. 2004 Groundskeeper for the NPB Phoenix League
  • May 2005 Supported the 23rd Asian Baseball Championships in Miyazaki
  • May 2005 Commenced sales of mini-bat baseball souvenirs
  • Feb. 2006 JABA Miyazaki Prefecture Baseball Federation office opened
  • Mar. 2006 Ivy Spring Baseball League contracted
  • May 2007 Invited and managed the 32nd All Japan Club Championships, Kyushu Regional Qualifying Tournament in Miyazaki
  • August 2009 Head office relocated (Ehira Building 101, 1-5-11 Ehira-Nishi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki)
  • March 2011 Started sales of "Mini-Bat Donation" for the Aodamo Resources Nurturing Association.
  • April, 2011 Contracted to maintain and manage the baseball field at Hisamine Sports Park
  • August 2011 Invited to and managed the 82nd Inter-City Baseball Tournament, Kyushu Regional Qualifying Tournament, Miyazaki, Japan.
  • June 2013 Released 12 sizes of bamboo bats for boys.
  • September 2013 Invited to participate in and manage the 39th Japan Baseball Championship for Working Men's Tournament, Kyushu Regional Qualifying Tournament, Miyazaki, Japan
  • January 2015 Contracted to maintain and manage SOKKEN Stadium at Kiyotake Athletic Park in Miyazaki City
  • July 2016 Completion of new head office building (4353-5 Shimoyabu, Yoshimura-cho, Miyazaki City)
  • Feb. 2018 "Wagyu JB Glove", a glove made of Wagyu leather produced in Miyazaki Prefecture, goes on sale
  • September 2019 Completion of new glove factory (4335-3 Shimoyabu, Yoshimura-cho, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki)
  • November 2019 Contract signed with the Taiwanese professional baseball team "Chung-Shin Brothers" for the use of their equipment.
  • April 2020 Contracted to maintain and manage baseball stadium in Miyakonojo City
  • April 2021 Started sales of "Protios" glove treatments
  • Apr. 2022 Contracted as the designated manager of Nishishina Athletic Park in Nobeoka City
LOGO_NEXT20: Challenge for the next 20years

Challenge for the next 20 years

- Creating a new baseball environment for the next 20 years - was established in Miyazaki City in September 2002, and 20 years have passed. 
Beginning September 2022, we are entering a new 20 years. will continue to take on the challenge of creating a new baseball environment in the next 20 years while adapting to the ever-changing baseball environment.

Miyazaki, where is located, is where the Yomiuri Giants who have been camping there since 1959, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, Hiroshima Toyo Carp, Saitama Seibu Lions, Tokyo Yakult Swallows, and Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles all come for spring training. It is also known as the "Sacred Ground of Spring Baseball". During Fall, the Miyazaki Phoenix League, an NPB educational league, is held in Miyazaki, and players from all professional baseball teams visit Miyazaki.

Not only professional baseball teams but also many amateur teams of adults, universities, and high schools visit Miyazaki, and about 20,000 athletes from various sports sweat it out at tournaments, camps, and training camps held in Miyazaki every year. is committed to fulfilling our social responsibility as a baseball equipment manufacturer by taking advantage of the mild climate, the excellent facilities, and the intangible assets that our predecessors have cultivated here at Miyazaki, and by making the most of Miyazaki's resources.

We would also like to contribute to regional development and employment through our involvement in the management of various tournaments, including Wagyu JB gloves made of leather from Miyazaki Prefecture cattle, management of professional baseball stadiums, and international tournaments.

We aim for further development with our management philosophy of creating opportunities for "exchange" through sports, staying close to each customer, continuing to "contribute" to society, and creating products that help the next generation of players "improve" their baseball skills.'s challenge has just begun.
We at will continue to run with you for the next 20 years.

CEO of Ball
Yasunobu Yamauchi
September 20, 2022