Camel-limited grab-Camel Edition- is sold in mid-September !!


Camel Grab limited sale in mid -September !! ( * Only some Japanese beef JB handling stores)

This time, we will sell special specifications grab-Camel Edition- using the new color "Camel" in limited quantities.

Limited quantity, but three models, the popular infielder grab "004S type", "006S type", and "006T type", will be available.

Infielders compatible with high school baseball

Camel -colored gloves can be used in high school baseball. It can also be used in all the junior high school baseball leagues. * Pitchers have restrictions


Sales start: Around mid -September 2022

Sales place: Wagyu JB handling store ( * Only some stores are available)

About order correspondence

Camel color selection in order grab is not currently accepted. We plan to accept reception from the catalog next season.

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