[New Goods] New leathered (* 1 kg) sales of glass (grab leather) sales to be started

"Hagiret leather" at the time of production of grab.
The leather is made of Miyazaki wagyu, which is excellent for durability, and is made of leather.
The total weight of the weight is 1kg.(except for the cardboard weight)
Three pieces of leather larger than A5 size and three cardboard cardboard are included in the dan-ball.
Select one color from 3 colors of black, orange, and power oranges.

Product Details
: Materials: The end of the leather of the leather from Miyazaki to the end.
: Capacity: 1 kg (* Extrek's total weight of 1 kg)Excludes the weight of cardboard)
: Color: 3 colors (* black, oranges, and power oranges from three to one color)
: Thickness: It may also contain leather from 2mm to 2.5mm (* 2mm) or less.)


☆It's a good idea to make a little thing with a leathercraft!

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