[attributive quality] About Japanese beef JB bat -S series - beginning to sell

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It is news of the limited article sale to all of you.


I started sale of "Japanese beef JB bat -S series -" with a limitation of amount from today!

Japanese beef JB bat -S series - has you choose him as one of the strategies (Strategy) for a game of the here first. It is the bat with the という concept.


Have a shorter 1-2cm than the length of the bat which is average so that is raised 1 rank with strength without a swing at the time of the swing, high operability when is characterized; design it.


In addition, I was particular about a shape, materials, balance, the weight of the bat and outran you to be able to maintain numerical value (MOI) to express the durability of the bat about the concern to "power defeat" on shortening a bat to the maximum and built up the ideal body that it might be said that it was artistic.


The Japanese beef JB bat has high operability and is a powerful bat.


It is recommended towards a person feeling that how to handle wooden bat is difficult and junior and senior high school students thinking about the preparations for woodenness bat before it's too late.


Because a number is limited with attributive quality, the one where the purchase is examined recommends the purchase early.


Buy Japanese beef JB bat -S series -; the request from this

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