Spike Grubb: Repair of ball park, news from the Park

Spike & Grab Repair Rent is the news.

We used to inform the web magazine that a "repair shop" was installed in the Ball Park Shop, and the news from the workshop was to inform you that the workshop was started in earnest, and orders for repair have been increasing gradually. Even when I had no workshop, I was in for repairs.But there was some work that couldn't be well priced, and there was something that couldn't be done clearly. where the price was not clear, and the price was clear;"A product bought by our company,"and the"Likled products bought by other companies"and we decided to clearly specify the fixed price. As the price is firmly offered in front of the shop and repairs can be seen in front of the eyes, the staff of the repairing staff is very pleased to hear the sound of "reassurable!". If you are in trouble with any baseball equipment, you can do whatever you want, so please don't hesitate to ask me! Repair Image & Price Please note that the delivery period will fluctuation depending on the timing of the notice. (Please consult with me) - All stitches are in the amount of cobots. It is possible to adjust the thickness of the laces. (Please consult with us if you prefer) - The grab is broken and repairs are basically repairs. (No one will be able to change the ties, but we will receive a fee of 300 per copy) - We usually have a "tax-tax" display, but the repair has been classified as "tax." (Please be careful not to make a mistake.)
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