Shonen Baseball, Bamboo Bat|A training method effective for the foundation of the lower body

"Ha" letter tea batting

Former professional baseball player Katsumi Hirosawa makes a proposal every time a baseball lesson is held to "build the base of the lower body." Recently, many young players have weaker lower body than upper body. Therefore, we will introduce a training method that helps strengthen the lower body. That is "Ha-shaped tea batting."

With a stance that is about twice as wide as your shoulder width, make both legs "C" shape, and lower the hips and lower the bait.

★Swing and tea batting


・Take a stance that is about twice as wide as your shoulders, and hold your legs slightly open in the shape of a letter “H”.

・Lower your hips, determine the center of your upper body axis, and raise the toss to a center point that is easy to hit.

・From the beginning of swing to follow-through, keep your heels on the ground and keep your shoulders open.

・At the moment of impact, apply force to the adductor muscles, squeeze your knees inward, and swing so that your feet are symmetrical.

・By striking the lower half of the body repeatedly, you can create a foundation (lower half of the body) with a sense of balance and no shaking. If you have a weakness in the lower half of the body, please try this training.

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