Let's use a training bat! |Power up the whole body! ~ Heavy bamboo bat

It is a heavy weight bat made of bamboo bat.

Bamboo bat for training recommended by Ballpark.com. The heaviest training bat is the "heavy bamboo bat".

Weight bat ③ Weight bat ②

Weight bamboo bat effect

● It is effective for training to give power to the whole body.

●We recommend that you use simple swing, tea batting, and free batting to power up the lower body, upper body, and other parts of the body!

Some people say, "After swinging a heavy bat, the normal bat feels lighter and you can swing the bat faster!"

As with heavy-duty bamboo bats, I think it is difficult to obtain the effect of increasing the batting speed by training with the so-called mascot bat. This is because the most effective way to make the body remember the speed is to shake a light bat to gain a sense of speed.

Please use the heavy bat for the purpose of powering up the whole body and powering up each part. We will re-post the training to learn fast swings at a later date!

⇒For more information about heavy bamboo bats, please visit the Ballpark.com website!


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