Bamboo bat, training bat | Check & trains with a list turn and a body turn - long strip of paper bat!

[turn] Let's be conscious of を

This time,[turn]I focus on 】 and want to introduce a training method for batting progress.

[turn]には"List turn""Body turn"But, there is it; neitherInterlocking movementI do it.

Image of the list of

At first let's draw the image of the list turn.

①The swing beginning

Bamboo トレリストターン①

②Before impact

Bamboo トレリストターン②

③After an impact

Bamboo トレリストターン③

④It goes without a swing

Bamboo トレリストターン④

Interlocking movement with a list of

I will let a body turn link a list turn next.

①Direction of a list of swing beginning and the body at the time of the start

Turn interlocking movement①

②In the impact in the front of a body

Turn interlocking movement②

③Angle at the time of the swing omission

Turn interlocking movement③

Attention at the time of the interlocking movement of a list of

①I do not put the right shoulder

 ②I do not open the left shoulder

Bamboo tray - turn matters that require attention②

The bat which is suitable for the training of the

[turn]The bat suitable for の training[long strip of paper bat]です.

★Of the ball park dot-com [the long strip of paper bat series]

Long strip of paper bat

In a light, short thing, I can grasp a track well.

※The long strip of paper bat points at five short bats during the training bamboo bat series.

How about? On the next time, I introduce [impact]!

The detailed information about [long strip of paper bat] from this⇒"Long strip of paper bamboo bat"

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