Wooden Bat/Bamboo Bat Training|Katsumi Hirosawa visits the store! We hold baseball class using bamboo bat!

Mr. Katsumi Hirosawa visited the relocation reopening commemorative event!

Ballpark.com has been around since"Promotion of a bamboo bat for boys"Working on. A ball park advisor and a former professional baseball player"Mr. Katsumi Hirosawa"One who recommends using a bamboo bat for adolescents.

Mr. Hirosawa went all the way to Miyazaki and visited Ballpark.com at the "Baseball Class" held as the 7th project of a project aimed at promoting youth bamboo bat training. A team of local junior high school students gave a lecture on "batting theory" and practical training at a batting studio.


New opening event ②

New store opening event ③

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The players were also shining their eyes on the precise advice of former professional baseball players. In addition, the instructors who participated were able to see Mr. Hirosawa's teaching method up close and enthusiastically wrote down the instructed items in a notebook, which seems to have been very helpful!

The time I had planned for the enthusiasm was greatly exceeded, but at the end I had a commemorative photo with Mr. Hirosawa and the fun time was over.

Mr. Hirosawa! I'm really thankful to you. Ballpark.com will continue to promote bamboo bats for boys and hold events like this. If you have the opportunity, please join us!

Click here for details on the bamboo bat for boys!

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