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Three Characteristics of Bamboo Butt Training

<ポイント2> durability and economical

I tried to compare the cost performance.

Wooden bat and metal bat

On the other hand, the bamboo bat is

Inexpensive and durable bamboo bat is the first place result

<ポイント3> silenceability is high and it is possible to practice at night.

Recent metal bats have a mute function, but there is still a unique hitting sound and is something to be concerned about during the night practice. I think there are many parents who are worried that they can't practice too much with care in their neighborhood.
To resolve such a problem, "I want to practice without worrying about the night Bamboo butt training is the best if you want to take advantage of your child's motivation! Because the bamboo bat is excellent in silence, the sound of the moment of the meet is not anxious, and it is able to devote it to the practice regardless of time such as at night.

Advice from Katsumi Hirosawa

Here is a message from Katsumi Hirosawa, advisor of Ball Park.com.

So far, we have introduced the characteristics of bamboo bat training and the advice from Mr. Hirosawa.
Next time, I will introduce the characteristics of bamboo bat made by Ball Park.com.

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