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How to hit a wooden bat correctly

Wooden bat"Seime" and "Masami".there is a problem.
In an easy-to-understand explanation, "plate eyes" make the pattern of the annual ring look like radiation or mushroom. And, the surface where the pattern of the annual ring is seen in a parallel line is "Eye".
When actually hitting the ball with a wooden bat, the part where the annual ring appears in a parallel line, and it is the correct way to strike it with "eyes". This is because the "eye part" is stronger than the plate part when the momentum of the ball is bounced back.
As knowledge when it strikes, "Eye part" should be the pitcher direction , that is, the adhesive surface with the ball at the moment when the pitch hits the bat if the bat is stamped and printed faces me when the bat is actually held by "Grip" when it strikes, and the bat is seen in front of me.
Knowing and not knowing this knowledge makes a big difference in the use of wooden bats. The reason is that the bat is often broken even if it strikes it with the intention that the ball is neatly caught when hitting it by the board.
Nature of wood

How to maintain wooden bats

The most important thing to watch out for when using wooden bats is"Care for moisture"Is.

The wooden bat is already stored in an airy shade for about half a year (actually more than that) at the time of the square wood before it is shaved. That's how we wait for the square material to dry out completely, and then the bat maker sat down to process it. It is forbidden to be damp in a wooden bat like that!

Even after it has been completed as a bat, it will still contain moisture by the use in the climate and rainy weather,It is recommended to dry the sun to remove moisture on a sunny day.

When Ichiro used to play in Japan, I often saw him hanging his bat on the net before batting practice during the rainy season. When the bat gets wet or gets dirty, be sure to wipe it off with a dry towel before storage, and "stand up" in a place where there is no moisture as much as possible.

A wooden bat is a live bat that breathes. If the way you handle it is violent, the bat will be damaged and easy to break.

On the other hand, if you treat it carefully and in a beautiful state, the bat will last a long time and become a good "buddy".

A player who doesn't care about his tools can't be a top-notch player. This is true in any sport and in any country!

From the moment you get your own wooden bat, don't forget to maintain your bat to become a player of a higher dimension!

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