Boys' baseball, the way to improve batting - let's work on it without hesitation! Bamboo Bat Training (2)

The importance of full swing and lower body strengthening

We have an advisory agreement with"Katsumi Hirosawa"。 He was a very first-class professional baseball player.

There are some memorable words he used to say when he was supervised a boy baseball class hosted by Ball and video baseball coaching.

"If you're only conscious of the technical things, you won't be able to swing the bat. If you swing the bat with 70% or 80% of your strength, your body will get used to it, and that will eventually become 100% of the person. The head speed will drop before the person in question knows it."

This is a word said to be looking at the gesture of a certain junior high school student player. It was a very beautiful swing, but during the beautiful swing repeated, there was no full swing just once.

Hirosawa says. "Some of the children who taught in the boys' baseball class didn't weigh the bat, and some of them were swinging to the bat, while their upper body movements were weak and their form was broken. There was a child who lacked necessary muscular strength for height, too. It's important to acquire the skills of batting, but i want you to keep in mind that you can improve your muscle strength along with the practice. 」


Mr. Hirosawa is an enthusiastic guide to the boys.

There are two main points.

In addition to batting the ball in his usual batting practice, he said, "I'm going to take the ball to the ground.

⇒Swing using bamboo bat with center of gravity in the head is the best. By using the weight to practice to swing drastically, the muscle strength is greatly improved.

(2) Strengthening of the lower body

⇒It becomes strong without fail by continuously running in and running up stairs.

The final goal of batting is to hit the core of the bat.

The wooden bat that hit the ball clearly leaves a mark of the ball. If you look at the trail, the batting technique is obvious.

If you look at the bat used by a professional baseball player, you can see that almost all the balls are taken by the core of the bat.

The core of the wooden bat is about 5cm...... Only a few millimeters of gap divides the light and dark of whether it becomes a hit or an out.

Bamboo bats are perfect for practicing to hit the core, especially with the characteristics of a wooden bat that conveys the sibile at hand."If you don't want to feel pain, hit it on the core. 」That's why!

The sooner you do it, the more effective it is! Children are very adaptable, and they quickly learn what they have experienced and what they have done over and over again. Moreover, the body remembers at once even if there is a blank for a while when the body remembers it once. In other words, as well as good habits, bad habits do not come off easily.

If you're used to swinging a metal bat, it takes a very long time to get out of that habit. One of the reasons is that one of the reasons is that it is not possible to get out of how to hit the metal bat though the high school student of the bang who joined the professional by the ring ing is not able to play the activity as expected after joining.

I made up my thoughts, but it was a good day. Start bamboo butt training now!

Next time, Mr. Hirosawa explainsThree engines in the bodyI will introduce you about.

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