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Why bamboo bat training is essential for improving batting

It is said that if you practice your batting only with a metal bat, your meat power will not improve. The reason for this is that in the case of a metal bat, even if the core of the bat is slightly removed, the hit ball flies as it is, so hit balls sometimes hit.

In your daily practice, in order to determine your true ability and improve batting,"Bamboo bat"Training is essential. From here, I would like to introduce about bamboo bat training in the form of a question.

Q1. What is the technology required for batting in the first place?

<3 elements necessary for batting>

① Meat force: catch the ball with the core of the bat

② Speed: The head speed is fast and you can hit a strong ball.

③ Responsiveness: Immediate response to various types of balls such as fast balls and changing balls


<① Meat force = power to catch the ball with the bat core>

By training while taking into consideration the characteristics of the bamboo bat, that is, it will not fly or fly when the core is removed, you can expect the effect of learning the feeling of hitting with the core of the bat and the batting technique conscious of the core of the bat.

<② speed = head speed>

By training with a head-balanced bamboo bat, you can naturally acquire the correct swing form using the weight of the head and increase the swing speed.

<3: Response: Response to high-level baseball>

By improving bat control through batting training tailored to your purpose, you can expect to learn the technology to be able to handle high-level baseball such as fastballs and changing balls.


Q2. What makes a bamboo bat suitable for training?

① Economic efficiency: cheaper than other wooden bats

②Durability: Less likely to break than other wooden bats

③ Sound deadening: The hammering sound is much quieter than that of a metal bat.


<① Economic efficiency = high cost performance>

Bamboo bats are sold at a lower price than other wooden bats. The initial cost is low, and since it can be used for a long period of 1 year or more, it has excellent cost performance compared to other wooden bats. The number of people buying more than one according to the purpose of training is increasing.

<②Durability = Gotake is difficult to break>

Bamboo bat is a "Bamboo bat" that is made by sticking bamboo plates into square wood and processing them into bats. So it's hard and durable. It is hard to break even if you hit it at the root or tip, making it ideal for practice bats. If you use the correct bat, you can use it for more than a year.

<③ Noise reduction = Night training is possible>

Unlike metal bats, bamboo bats have excellent sound deadening. You don't have to worry about the sound of the meat moment, so you can do batting training as much as you want without worrying about noise even when training in school or in the city.


Q3. What are the characteristics of Bamboo Bat of Ballpark.com?

As you can see from the figure below, the sweet spot of bamboo bats is said to be about one-third of general metal bats and about half of general wooden bats. It is ideal for training that cultivates the feeling of catching the core by taking advantage of the small sweet spot peculiar to the bamboo bat and the characteristic of the bamboo bat that there is a feeling of numbness when the core of the bat is removed.

As you can see from the figure below, compared to metal bats, bamboo bats have a center of gravity on the head side (head balance). By repeating batting training using a head-balanced bamboo bat, you can expect to enhance the head speed by taking advantage of the weight.

How was it? I hope you got an overview of the characteristics of bamboo bats and the effects of bamboo bat training. Next time, we will introduce a training bat that suits each purpose and application! In addition, we will also introduce effective batting practice methods.

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