Batting fundamentals of|balance tee batting in,warped, or stuck in a swing correction try!

"balanced tee system"is,is warped and stuck in batting habit of straightening the lower body of the Foundation and can make the training. The batting of the moment of impact the upper part of the body is warped by, or on the contrary of the upper body axis is the previous to have it just like a habit that is struggling batter, surprisingly a lot of. Balance tea meeting, at the time of impact of the body axis of the LeT's create!

< Warpage correction>

Warpage correction!

  1. first support leg to make
  2. the forefoot to take in the state,the forefoot of the ball with the tread
  3. to swing

the forefoot of the ball stepped on the batting that is,their wall before you feel like yourself in front of the walls from the conscious as we can. The balance of the tea bags that, the body is the house and site in front of the knee that can be prevented.

< Tsukkomi correction>

Tsukkomi correction!

  1. support leg and from the ball step on
  2. left foot is always striking in such a state,take a stride minutes from spread
  3. to swing

※knee is on the inside now,always-toe with the line, and to the support leg(the right version from the right foot) On the heels of the ball stepped on the batting to training. Of when the knee inside the ball that captures the movements for before and turn our players back on the sense to remember I think. This balance tee batting is,from the heel up to early and not straightening the knee, and inside the ball that captures the senses and feed(adductor strengthening) can.

< Balance tee batting the benefits of>

A sense of balance and lower body the Foundation

the ball and stepped on the toes on the ground one. And,with the ground contacts less in the unstable state. In this state, the swing and the batting to do the ball, stepped on the foot of the ankle, knee, muscles (particularly the adductor)how to use awareness, and sense of balance training and lower body the Foundation of the training. The moment of impact, the upper body is Anti-to batter or, on the contrary, the upper body is ago thrust it into the batter of the correction method is also effective.

Balance tee batting positively,the batting weaknesses of each one overcome, let's!

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