Sponsored a bamboo bat for the "EIGHT baseball academy baseball tournament"

On August 11th and 12th, 2020, the "Baseball Tournament (Exchange Battle)" was held on the 12th and 12th of 2020, sponsored by the EIGHT baseball academy Setagaya School.

We co-sponsored JB Bamboo Bat as part of the "Boy Bat Promotion Project for Boys".

This baseball tournament (exchange game) was realized by "EIGHT baseball academy Setagaya school", which is familiar to the popular Youtube channel "qooninTV", on the Instagram page for 5.6th grade elementary school students. It is a type baseball tournament".

A total of four games were held in two days, and technical instruction was given throughout the games.

Our JB bamboo bats were presented to players who were successful throughout the tournament.

Many players were the first to pick up a bamboo bat, and the eyes of the players who picked it up were very shining.

I would like to continue to promote the "Bamboo Bat Promotion Project for Boys" to help improve the batting skills of future baseball boys.

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