Ground Maintenance Goods | This is the ground soil! Honor student of ground pavement soil!

Ground life. It's dirt!

Ground maintenance is very important for safely playing baseball and other sports without injury. The usual dragonfly hanging is an important work to protect the ground, but without good soil, the dragonfly hanging cannot be used.'s "black soil mixed soil" is very excellent as "ground paving soil"!

Soil for ground Soil for ground paving Ballpark dot com

・Drains quickly
・Comfortable cushioning
・Ideal sliding
・Natural ball bound
・Absorbs light reflection

: Cohesive black soil (from Kagoshima), Kawasuna

: 20kg

It is a mixture of two types of sand with the particle size adjusted to the optimal ratio in viscous black soil from Kagoshima.It is a highly functional ground paving material that supports the conditions of sports fields such as professional baseball fields, school grounds, and soccer fields. .. Ground Soil Pavement material for ground Ballpark dot com

The texture is very fine and soft, and there are few small pebbles. Once used, it is so popular that no other soil can be used, and it has many repeaters! A clean and nutritious place on the "ground" that you always care for"Black soil mixed soil"Would you like to give me a present?

Ground soil, black soil mixed soil, ball park dot com

*The picture shows a state in which black soil mixed soil is spread over the entire ground.

Check the website for more information about ground maintenance equipment and ground paving materials!

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