Baseball, ground maintenance|The arrival of the ground maintenance season ①

Ground maintenance that you want to do in the off season

The new year is coming and the baseball season is off for a while. We would like you to have a ground maintenance at this time! In this web magazine, I would like to introduce the methods of ground maintenance and ground maintenance goods in several parts from this time. has a department called “Facility Management Department”. The staff of the department is mainly responsible for the stadium management at the base where professional teams camp. We will also introduce their ground maintenance method.

How to apply dragonfly

The ground cannot be properly maintained by just smoothing the soil. The "dragonfly with nail rake" introduced here is very popular as a very easy-to-use dragonfly. First, plow the uneven surface with the nailed surface, and then, after finishing, cleanly scrub the soil on the opposite flat surface.

If you would like to watch the video, click here!

"How to apply dragonfly with nail rake"

How was it? Next time, we will introduce ground maintenance using a light truck!

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