Baseball/ground maintenance supplies|Strong teams are good at ground maintenance! -Use the dragonfly to eliminate injuries during practice!

Stronger teams are better at ground maintenance!

"Good ground maintenance" means"Good maintenance at dragonfly"about it. If you constantly spend time maintaining the ground, you will be able to pay attention to the ground. Naturally rough places and small pebbles will also be noticeable.

I often see professional baseball players defensively filling the holes in the ground with their soles or flattening them during the game, but that is when they find a rough place on the ground and By repairing, I am trying to reduce the irregularity of the hit ball that may come to me. In addition, they are preparing for their hearts.

If you do careful maintenance on a regular basis, you will be able to find places that are naturally rough, and you will be accustomed to the habit of repairing them.

That is,

・If maintenance is good, irregularity will decrease
・If you do so, you will have less errors, less injuries, and better defense.
・If you are good at defense, the team will be stronger.

Could you understand the meaning that a strong team is also good at ground maintenance (^ ^♪

Dragonfly that makes the ground condition much better: Dragonfly with nail rake

The original dragonfly manufactured and sold by is"Dragonfly with nail rake"is. Compared with a normal dragonfly, the ground can be maintained much more beautifully.


Dragonfly with nail rake

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See the difference with ordinary dragonfly!


-Size: 170 cm long * 90 cm wide * 28.5 cm blade
●Needle rake: 30
●Materials: Japanese cypress
Weight: 1.5kg

Use this "dragonfly with nail rake" that is also used by professional ground keepers to maintain a firm ground and prevent injury during practice!

For more detailed information, please check the URL below!

● Dragonfly with nail rake:

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