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facilities management portion of the business ground maintenance

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currently doing Miyazaki's"生目 no Mori Sports Park","清武 Sports Park" Such as facilities management experience, and the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks,ORIX buffer of the camp-enabled experience,the local contribution as part of the High School,Junior High School ground maintenance to do a professional ground close to the shape to make the student's playing skills improve with the aim of contributing to the activities.

This business development has been done, Ball Park dot com facilities management Department staff. This time, the facilities management unit's staff is actually a local public high school to go to go for ground maintenance of patterns I want to introduce you

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① home based near High, were high and where to cut the work from the start

② mound maintenance (home of sharpened Earth to replenish shape)

③ based around maintenance(home of the sharpened soil replenishment)

④ light M3 (magic maintenance), and maintenance(Reiki multiply the non-land enjoyed the right, matte finish)


The photo above is,②a mound of the development of the pattern. Soil to use for the replenishment of the nail level with the objects.

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The photo above, the magic system Mat using for the last finish to it. This time, theground is low place to high place by cutting the soil to put in the workto do it.

Thus,the team's budget is no replenishment for black soil is available for purchase if you are not high place have cut the black soil to also be used of how 1 aboutit. Ground your worries about the maintenance and how to,if you have any questions professional the key is how to improve and the answer will be, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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⇒the"magic memory Mat"of information from

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