Sri Lankan referee Suziwa! ~At the Japanese Baseball Championship/Kyushu Area Qualifying~

Super celebrity in the industry! A super famous person in his home country!

In the currently held "Japanese Baseball Championship for Kyushu Area Qualifying Round", the Sri Lankan referee: Sujeewa Wijayanayake is participating in the tournament as the referee of the Fukuoka Prefecture representative. Known as Suziwa.

Actually, Suziwa, a famous person in the referee industry. After graduating from a university in his native Sri Lanka, study abroad at a Japanese university. An experienced baseball player, he has the desire to connect Sri Lanka and Japan with baseball, and has acquired the official baseball referee qualification in Japan.

He already has experience as a referee in urban counter baseball (dome) and university baseball (Jingu Stadium).

On this day, in the Japan Amateur Baseball Championship/Kyushu area qualifying, he was served as a base judge in the first game and a ball judge in the third game on the first day.


Suziwa Ball Judge

*From the press seat It is a ball trial.

After graduating from a Japanese university, started working for the Kamenoi Group (now Amaze Co., Ltd.). I am working as a restaurant manager at a branch in Fukuoka.

With the full cooperation of the company, I am also engaged in a job as a referee in Japan, and I am also conducting a courtesy call to the mayor of Miyazaki with the help of the Sri Lanka Baseball Federation for Sri Lanka baseball.

Sri Lanka Baseball Federation/Miyazaki City Hall

Mr. Suziwa works at a Japanese company, works as a Japanese baseball referee, and works as a representative of his home country to spread baseball in his home country. He is just 30 years old, a little "naughty", and a lovely young man with a smile.

His clear appeal and motivation have moved a lot of people and offered him cooperation. After all it is "human" at the end. It's human power! This is a shot of his wonderful smile!


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