What do you want to know about ground maintenance? 1

Foundation of ground maintenance

It broke into the rainy season. I can't practice the ground like rain.
"No, rain goes down in the ground!"
I often watch TV, but wait a minute!
It is strictly prohibited to enter the wet ground with rain!

The surface of the ground can be rough and rough, and when the rain stops and dries, it gets worse than the dragonfly. But sometimes you have to use the ground just after the rain.

If you know the first aid method at that time, you can minimize the deterioration of ground conditions.
This time, I introduce some such ground improvement.

If there is no time to dry the ground

The ground just after the rain is like this.
Grand of rain

If you need to use the ground like this, first, remove the moisture carefully with the cloth and bucket.

Grand maintenance

After this, dry sand is laid. Please fasten firmly with dragonfly!

Grand maintenance

This is an emergency treatment, so sand is sprinkled, but after ground use, remove sand and make sure to lay the original ground.
Dragonfly with nail rake is very convenient and easy to use.

Information about nail dragonfly with nail rake.

* next time we introduce the improvement of the rain when the ground is dry.
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