Baseball equipment: ground maintenance equipment/the definitive edition of ground paving: black soil mixed soil!

It is important to make a comfortable ground that does not cause injury

Although we have introduced the ground maintenance method several times in the web magazine, It is not possible to demonstrate the effect of the usual maintenance when the ground pavement material, that is, the soil of the ground deteriorates.

Improving the condition of the ground can lead to practice without injury, and it can also be related to improving the level of the team.

The"ground paving material" handled by Ball Park dot com is a mixture of 2 types of sand with the optimum ratio of fine graining to viscous black soil produced in Kagoshima, and it has excellent functionality to support the condition of sports fields such as professional baseball fields, school grounds, and soccer fields.

If you use this soil once, it is so reputed that other soil can not be used.

< Features>

- It's too early to get water.

- Comfortable cushioning

- Ideal for sliding

- Natural ball-bound

- Real Black Earth image absorbing light reflection


Black soil real image

Product image

Black clay mixed soil

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混合 Black mixed soil>

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