What do you want to know about ground maintenance? ~ ③

Soil that pleases the ground

If you carefully maintain the ground with dragonflies, you can keep the ground in good condition.
However, even with the passage of time, the weather and the usual practice, the soil will definitely deteriorate and the condition will deteriorate. If that happens, it will be necessary to replace the soil.
This time, I would like to introduce "Black soil mixed soil" which is very excellent as "ground pavement soil"!

All-purpose soil used in baseball and soccer fields

[Black soil mixed soil] sold by Ballpark.com is a mixture of viscous black soil from Kagoshima and two types of sand with adjusted particle size in the optimum ratio.
This soil is used not only in baseball fields, but also in soccer fields, school grounds, sports facility grounds, etc., and it is very popular as a very excellent all-purpose soil to support that condition.

raw materials:Cohesive black soil (from Kagoshima), Kawasuna (Black soil 6: Kawasuna 4)
Characteristic :
・Drains quickly
・Comfortable cushioning
・Ideal slide
・Natural ball bound
・Absorbs light reflection
Internal capacity:20 kg

If the ground doesn't get better no matter how you apply the dragonflies, it's a sign that the ground is looking for dirt. Please give us the black soil that makes the ground happy.

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