What do you want to know about ground maintenance? ~ ②

Immediately after the ground has dried

Last time, we introduced a "first aid" maintenance method when you have to use a muddy ground. This time, I will introduce the maintenance method to be done when the ground is dry after the rain.

After the rain

As shown in the picture above, the ground immediately after the water is dry is a mixture of dry and wet areas, so we all apply a brush, brush, or dragonfly to dry the surface faster. .
As you hang it around the mound while drawing an arc, you should see the surface gradually dry.

Kumamoto Prefectural Uto High School Ground Maintenance ⑤

Now you can use the ground,The soft black soil that originally covers the ground surface sinks downward due to rain, leaving sand on the surface.SoIf you continue to use the ground as it is, the ground will become harder and the condition will worsen.
In order to restore the original black soil laid on the ground to its original state, it is very important to apply the registration marks when there is sunshine.
And how to hang a dragonfly is also an important point.

Let's maintain it firmly with a dragonfly with a nail rake

With daily practice, the ground soil is full of spike holes. If you only apply the registration marks to the holes of the spikes and then stroke the surface with a brush, the appearance will be beautiful. However, if this is the case, there will be a difference in the hardness of the soil that is stepped on with the spikes and the hardness of the soil that is not stepped on, causing irregular bounce.
The important thing is to dig up the soil with the rake and apply the dragonflies to the depth where the spikes have been dug. A dragonfly with a nail rake is the best way to do that.

If you don't leave the first-aid treatment done during the rain as it is and then take appropriate measures, the ground will always be in good condition, and players will be able to play without injury.
Large-scale ground maintenance using a tractor etc. is only done about once a year.
You can keep the minimum ground condition by hanging the registration mark from the ground.

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Next time, I would like to introduce "Kurochi" that the ground is pleased with.
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