SoftBank Kudo's new head coach inauguration ceremony was held at the camp site.

Kudo new coach appeared

The autumn camp of softbank hawks which had been held until the other day. Miyazaki Ivy Stadium is a campsite, of course. And this year's fall camp had a memorial ceremony! Right! It is a ceremony of the appointment of the new director Kudo!

Kudo's Welcome Ceremony

While the people involved, we ball park staff are waiting, kudo new director who appeared dashing It's super cool!

Kudo's Welcome Ceremony (2)

My son played the role of a pitcher in a certain drama, but his son is as good as his son, and his style and appearance are truly star players. The presentation ceremony of 30kg of Mayu pork and 20kg miyazaki jitochicken, a specialty of Miyazaki, was also held.

Kudo's Welcome Ceremony (3)

Director Akiyama Thank you very much! And new coach Kudo! I sincerely hope that softbank hawks will make further leaps forward! Good luck!!

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