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A decision to make a donation to the team! Petching machine!

It's always a pitching machine in a strong team. I certainly will have a value.It is not easy to purchase.

However, if you have one team, you can get more exercise efficiency and use your time for practice. The pitching machine has a lot of such things as soft-only and hard-only, but this is the first pitching machine to be introduced by the ball park, , in particular.


Slow ball machine: NT010

The Slow Ball Machine, NT010, is a pitching machine that is throwing a slow ball of about two to 2.7m high, as shown in the following figure.

Generally, training using a pitching machine is an ousodoxic practice of hitting a straight ball such as 110k to 150 km/h, but the practice of ball-park dotcom is a slow ball with a slow ball machine throwing 30 to 40 km/h, and the ball is a slow ball.

To swing any ball at your own time, you must pull the ball to your nearest your body, and start the swing as you can see it.It is important to distilled a strong ball with a slow ball, and to put it at the top of the ball to hit the top of a strong batting ball, and then swinging the ball to the core of the bat.

And the best practice is to use a bamboo bat to practice using a slow ball machine.Bamboo bats have often been introduced in this web magazine as the best fit for training to apply to the core of the ball. Combining a bamboo bat and a slow ball can help ensure that the batting skills are good.

Incidentally, this slow ball machine is a popular product that has been ordered from many parents' associations and OB associations, with a much lower price compared to other pitching machines. You can buy a set with a bamboo bat!

See "Slow Ball Machine NB010" for detailed information from Kochira!

The detailed information of the training bamboo bats is from Kochira!

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