Graduation souvenirs, baseball souvenirs| Ready!? Introducing baseball souvenirs that are still in time ②

Many unique baseball souvenirs's baseball souvenirs are unique. The theme for the souvenirs of baseball introduced this time is "round thing"! The round shape will make you look cute and make your heart "round"♬ A lot of such round baseball souvenirs!

Very popular regardless of time! Wooden ball

Speaking of the round baseball souvenir of, this wooden ball. A wooden ball made of bat material. The diameter is about 60 mm, which is slightly smaller than a real ball.

Comparison with hardball

You can engrave wooden balls and pedestals!

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Embroidered sign ball (middle size & jumbo size)

The embroidered sign ball is the "new entry" among the baseball memorabilia at There are middle size (softball size) and jumbo size (volleyball size). This is a comparison of the size of the hardball and the size!

You can simply use it as a sign ball without embroidering anything, but if you embroider it it will be very gorgeous!


Middle size

Jumbo size

The embroidered sign ball comes with a cosmetic box!

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