Baseball souvenir|Wooden balls are perfect for graduation, graduation commemoration, wedding celebrations and 60th birthday celebrations!

A memorable gift-a baseball souvenir!

Ballpark dot com isCommemorating the graduation, graduation, and graduation of a youth baseball teamOrTournament victory commemorationGift to the directorWedding gift60th birthday celebrationWe manufacture and sell many baseball souvenir items that can be used according to the purpose.

There are many products that you can feel the warmth of wood, and you can also engrave your name, team name, message, etc."My own, only one souvenir in the world"Can be made! Now, I would like to introduce "wooden balls"!


Wooden balls! Wonderful wooden texture that you can touch!

A wooden ball made of bat material. The diameter of about 60 mm is almost the same as the diameter of the bat, and it is one size smaller than the baseball, so it fits in the palm of your hand. The texture that fits your hands is irresistible!

★You can engrave balls and pedestals! Various designs!

Baseball souvenir wooden ball ball park dot com

★A tripod using a mini bat can be used instead of the pedestal! This is also good!

Baseball souvenir Wooden ball with tripod Ballpark dot com

How is it? The wood feels so nice that you will want to touch it without thinking that it is nearby! Please use it as a gift.♪

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