Baseball souvenir|Eco-activity with baseball souvenir! Effective use of bat material scraps!

Eco activities start from the site where the bat is made

Some of's baseball memorabilia are said to be eco-friendly when they are made. that is,Mini batis.

Mini batIsManufactured using mill ends produced in the bat processing processWhat? Through baseball souvenirs, we value the limited timber as much as possible and contribute to the ecological impact of future baseball players. In addition, many people have said that they are made of the same material as the wooden bats that we are used to, so that they will be happy when they receive them and that they will be attached to them.


Mini-bat eco-cycle that considers environmental problems!

A part of the profit of Minibat isAodamo resource development meeting (*)It has been donated to and used for the cultivation of bat materials, which is useful for the movement to protect the natural environment.

*Aodamo resource development meetingIs a non-profit corporation that brings together the enthusiasm of people who love baseball, planting a "bat forest" in the great nature of Hokkaido, and raising aodamo for over a century.

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Here is the process until the mini bat is completed!

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How is it? The people who purchase it are contributing to the environment without knowing it.


■Mini bat for Aodamo resource training

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⇒ Click here for the mini bats for the Aodamo resource development group!

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