Baseball souvenir, Graduation souvenir|Graduation/graduation commemoration ~ Smartphone compatible mini bat is now available!

Until you can make a mini bat

Mill ends produced when making bats = mini bats made from the same material as bats. Each one is carefully made like this!

Until you can make a mini bat In addition, it helps to grow bat materials in the eco cycle. I felt fresh that high school students were playing wooden bats at the world competition of high school students = U18, which was held recently, but planting bat trees for the next generation of players. It is a steady exercise! !

Mini bat eco cycle

Minibat also evolves

Meanwhile, based on the current situation that smartphones have become quite popular, we have started selling mini bats with earphone jacks so that they can be used with smartphones! As the name suggests, the tip of the strap can be plugged into the earphone jack. You can also prevent dust from entering by using it. There are various uses other than the strap! Please love the mini bat made of bat material!

Smartphone compatible mini bat

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