Baseball Souvenirs, baseball gifts|baseball favorite people as a gift to a perfect goods? ⑧

wedding gifts and sixtieth birthday celebration of baseball memorabilia appeared!

We introduce to you the ball Park of【baseball memorabilia] is, especially the"wedding gift"and"the sixtieth birthday celebration"is the perfect keepsake. The reason is the color for you. 【91 cm Memorial knock the bat】the color is"gold"and"red"of 2 kinds! 91 cm long with bat, the presence of course, the color of the effect and a feeling of luxury equipped rooms.

91 cm Memorial knock the bat91 cm Memorial's gold91 cm Memorial knock back red




The character color is black, red,silver, white,gold can be. ※This product is a real 打向 and knock, etc., please do not use.

From? To actually to take a photo a lot better than shades design. What is important to you as a gift, please come on!

This order of the products from!⇒ 91 cm Memorial knock the bat

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