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What is a knock bat as a memento?

From among the many baseball memorabilia, this time I will introduce the knock bat. Some knock bats were made for memorabilia, while others were memorabilia, but there were knock bats that could be hit real. Which would you choose? Let me introduce you immediately!

91cm Commemorative Knock Bat (Gold Red)

Because this product is not manufactured for the actual hit, please refrain from the use in the knock etc.

⇒91cm commemorative knock bat details from here

Custom Order Knock Bat

It is a knock bat corresponding to both hard and soft. Based on the basic model of "JB Knockbat" sold by, it is popular as a memento donated by the parents by changing the color of their choice or marking the back of the grip.

The color that i can choose is this place.

⇒ Custom Order Knock Bat details from here! 

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