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Baseball memorabilia like miscellaneous goods! Wooden Photo Stand

Among the many baseball memorabilia sold by Ball, speaking of products close to miscellaneous goods【Wooden Photo Stand】Is. Because it is a baseball memorabilia, it is a popular product for women though the ball sticks as an accessory.


It is characterized by a calm hue and a grain of wood with a profound feeling, and has a unique texture and warmth that is not bound by fashion. It has a strong nature to the impact, and finished it in the design with a sense of stability that was strong. You can also put an accessory in the recess to put the ball.

Pedestal size: 24.8cm horizontal, depth 9.2cm

Glass size: 15.0cm wide, 10.5cm (postcard size)

Material: (pedestal) wooden, (photo putting part) glass

※With plain sign ball

The order of the product of this place is from here!⇒ Wooden photo stand

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