Baseball memorabilia, graduation memorabilia|Let's prepare now! Baseball souvenir to give to loved ones ①

Give a loved one to your loved ones!

Introducing baseball souvenirs to give to those who are graduating and those who have taken care of them before the graduation season. The souvenir introduced this time is a unique item among the products called mini bat. It is a souvenir that has both presence and uniqueness.

38cm mini bat

38cm is quite a long length. The texture that makes the most of the bare skin is popular! The number of characters that can be engraved has been dramatically increased, and a clear case is included free of charge. Paper boxes are also available for gifts. There is a charge of 300 yen here.

⇒Click here for details on the 38cm mini bat!

45cm mini deck

It's 45 cm, so it's no longer a "mini bat." And this unique shape! It is a souvenir that was made for display. When actually exhibited, many people attracted the attention and many people got it! We are very pleased as a gift for marriage.

There is also black.

⇒Click here for details on the 45cm mini deck bat! 

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