Baseball souvenir, baseball present | What is the product which is good as a present to a person liking baseball?⑥

A baseball souvenir of the real thing bat size comes up! Luxurious!

[baseball souvenir] to introduce this time is a souvenir of the size same as a real bat of 85cm. A souvenir of the orthodox school preference that it may be said as for this! And it is gorgeous! Then I will introduce me at once!

85cm memory bat

I prepare seven kinds of collars for an 85cm memory bat. (I include a natural)

※I can carve a seal by the letter to 50 characters.

※The letter color, please appoint "black" "red".

<85cm clear bat>

I made the clear bat which did not examine a kind in the other companies. Please use a wedding present, meeting participation memory as a special souvenir in every scene. It is sure that I get a lot of looks, thing!

※I can carve a seal by the letter to 50 characters.

How about? A grand 85cm memory bat. Was there your favorite type?

⇒85cm memory bat

⇒85cm clear bat

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