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Baseball memorabilia of 80cm size appeared!

We introduce the original baseball memorabilia of Ball in order in detail. This time, i will introduce [80cm commemorative bat]. Three types are available: "For sainbutts", "color bat type", and "boilerplate stamp type", and it is widely used according to the scene to give. Because the size is close to a normal bat size, it is a memento with the taste that the person who likes baseball wants to "shake" unintentionally. So, let me introduce you immediately!

80cm signature bat (plain)

It is a bat for the plain 80cm sign. Feel free to write for your friends.


※ Because we manufacture from more than one bat material, there is the case that the grain of wood and the color body are different from the photograph of the product publication.

※ Because it becomes a signature bat using the ineligible material for the official game, there is also a part that the wood color is partly black and the case that there is a fushi. Thank you for your understanding.

If you want to order now, from here!⇒80cm signature bat

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