Baseball souvenir, graduation souvenir | Let's prepare now! Baseball souvenir to give an important person②

Souvenir of the 85cm regular bat size

It is an 85cm regular bat and a souvenir of the size to introduce this time.

It is a recommended product towards genuine intention. I will introduce me at once!


85cm regular bat (natural)

With a bat for hard expressions that are 実打可能, the materials are white ash. It is a grand gem.


★It was ordered by a team

85cm regular bat (gold)

A golden shining luxurious souvenir comes up! It is a finished gold bat with refined gold!


85cm regular bat (clear)

It is a souvenir made by acrylic to get a lot of looks in a baseball souvenir of the ball park dot-com. Above all, it is pleased very much from the one that was ordered if the regular bat type made by this acrylic is beautiful and is refined.

⇒The details of the souvenir 85cm regular bat (clear) from this!で!

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