Baseball souvenir|Various uses! At this time, to commemorate baseball memorabilia-graduation/graduation!

What is a baseball memorabilia

If you say "baseball souvenir" in one word,A gift for those who have continued to play baseballis. We value the feelings and feelings of each person who gives a souvenir, and each person who gives a souvenir, such as celebrations such as marriage and 60th birthday, graduation, graduation, tournament commemoration, victory commemoration, record achievement commemoration, awards and prayers We are making "baseball souvenirs" to be custom made. A variety of expressions are possible with delicate markings! By engraving illustrations, logo marks, photos, etc. on baseball souvenirs such as bats and wooden balls, you can make your own original bat, original baseball souvenir. Not only your favorite words and messages you want to convey, but you can also put a name, an anniversary, a team name, a photo, etc. *Laser processing allows detailed expression.

To commemorate the graduation

To commemorate your graduation or graduation, we recommend giving a mini bat or wooden ball that is a miniature baseball item! Engrave the school name and team name to match the team members♪You can also put a name on each baseball souvenir.

recommended item

■5cm mini bat


■8cm mini bat


■ 38cm mini bat


■ Wooden ball


There are many others. Please take a look at the collection of examples.

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