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Mechanism of JB custom order bat

“It's hard to find a bat that suits you with a ready-made wooden bat.” The more the player knows his own batting personality and what he is aiming for, the more he wants a bat that suits him.

-If so, why not order a bat?

However, it is not easy for a player who has never made a custom bat to specify all the elements of the bat, such as the length and weight of the bat, the shape of the grip end and the thickness thereof.

Therefore, many players are hesitant to order bats and use the ready-made bats for crying.

Then, Ballpark.com devised a system called "JB Custom Order Bat"! This ordering system is a system for manufacturing bats based on the [basic model] of 20 bats.

[Basic model] is the basic shape of the bat. From this basic model, you can select your favorite model (shape) and change the size of each model, such as "I want to make the length 1 cm longer", "I want to make the weight 10 g heavier" etc. I will.

We will introduce the "JB Custom Order Bat" in detail from this time. This is a must read if you want to order a bat from now on!


Start by choosing the bat material

Ordering of JB custom order bats begins with "selecting bat materials". Three bat materials![North American Maple] [Birch] [Ash]is.

[North American Maple]Is a bat material that is currently very popular in major leagues. The hardness is between that of blue ash and ash, and it can be said that it is a bat material suitable for both humid countries and countries with dry climates.


[Ash]Is characterized by a very hard and solid feel. Players who like super hard bats prefer to use ash.

[Birch]Is a bat material that I haven't heard about in Japan. Birch is a birch material. Actually this birch. Very good as a bat material. As it has an even and dense wood surface, the material is hard and there is little warpage, and it is resistant to water and sticky and strong. My friend praised the American bat made of birch. Ballpark.com is one of the few companies in Japan to make bats from birch!

Choose your favorite model from 20 JB basic models

After selecting the bat material, the next step is to choose your favorite model from the 20 basic models. The features of each model are explained in detail, so please read carefully and choose.

*The 20 JB Basic models will be introduced in detail starting next time, so please take a look.

See here a list of 20 JB Basic models.

* From top 001 model to 020 model

These 20 models areStandard length of 84 cm and weight of 870 gTherefore, if the length or weight that suits you is different from the standard, you can change it within the following range.

Length: between 82cm and 86cm

Weight: Between 860g and 930g

Also, the headcut can be the same as the basic model, or you can choose "cutout". However, for the 016 and 017 models, the basic headcut is "hollowed out".

Select body color

Here, select the color of the bat. When choosing the color of the bat, decide whether to make the bat "one color" or change the color of the head part from the grip to "30 cm part" or "45 cm part".

*There are detailed rules for coloring bats (black) for working people and college baseball. For details, see the "JB Custom Order Bat" page of Ballpark.com, so please refer to that page.

Select mark

Select the mark design here.

* Both Mark 1 and Mark 2 are registered trademarks of Ballpark.com and are brands announced by the All Japan Bat Industry Association.

*The "BFJ" mark is required for use in the official game of college/working baseball.

Select mark color

After selecting the mark, let's select the mark color next.

Engraved on the back of the grip

If you order the JB Custom Order Bat, you can engrave the name on the grip end.

That's how the JB Custom Order Bat works! If you decide in order, you can order your favorite bat without much trouble.

You can also trace the bat you usually use to make the same bat. Many players feel that the first order bat has high hurdles, but please feel free to contact us without worrying about this. The staff will explain it carefully!

From next time, we will introduce the features of each model in detail, so don't miss it!

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