Wooden bat, Lamy bat | I realize the durability of the bamboo and a flip of Maple! The choice of the Lamy bat!

It is Lamy bat of the extreme popularity by amateur baseball

In the ball park dot-com, it produces "the Lamy bats" other than "the bamboo bat" which became indispensable to a batting exercise now and "the Maple bat" which a professional uses and sells it.

What is ... Lamy bat? ...
Lamy bat was not the bat made in Ippongi and I put a different wood board and was able to do it"Plywood bat"です. (the bamboo bat lets you compete for a bamboo board from a shape of the bamboo not Ippongi and is kind of a made "plywood bat".)
The Lamy bat of the ball park dot-com,The part of the core of the bat is Maple materials in bamboo, blow side fourI composed で. A core is hard to be broken for 合竹 and is for exercises and is most suitable for game use, and it features a blow side that 打感 is near to Ippongi bat (Maple bats) for Maple materials! The flying distance does not change with Ippongi bat if I catch a core!
I cannot use Lamy bat and the bamboo bat in a pennant race of university baseball, the professional baseball, but because the use by the pennant race is accepted by the amateur baseball, 打感 is near to Maple bat, and there are many at all players of the amateur baseball that the durability likes superior Lamy bats like a bamboo bat again and uses.
Then I introduce a part of the Lamy bat of the ball park dot-com!

002 Lamy bat models

・Materials / bamboo Maple
・Length /84cm
・Weight /900g average
・Balance / head balance /002 model
・Grip shape /002 grip

・Head cut / is normal
※By the ※ university student pennant race that is a popular item used in a university, amateur baseball mainly cannot use it. Please use it for exercise use.
※As for the amateur baseball, pennant race use is possible.

⇒The detailed information about the Lamy bat from this!
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