Baseball article, repair, maintenance | Please takes care of a tool of the baseball! Maintenance of the ... glove

Even if it is not company product, I repair it tight!

A tool of the baseball that I let you go through for one year and continue using. Because spikes and a glove are things expensive as such, I think that it does not mean, "I buy a new thing" immediately because I was damaged.

What I want to recommend to everybody there"Maintenance of the spikes glove"です. I only maintain it, and these tools are rebeared!

In ball park dot-com, there is [repair studio] and receives repair with not only the product of the ball park but also the other brands with pleasure!

new repair studio banner

◆The tear is processed by a sewing machine

The torn point gives processing by a sewing machine. Because the supply side in particular can rub against leather and often disappears, be filled and sew leather by a sewing machine. I pay scrupulous attention to "thickness" so that there is not sense of incongruity if before reinforcement and give priority to usability and process it.

◆I maintain it while making use of a tool

Attachment grease (special oil) is painted the inside of the supply side of the glove mitt with. Tear repair, not only the string substitute repair but also maintenance of the supplement of the attachment grease go.

new repair studio②

◆I can choose the thickness of the glove string

There is the visitor who says when "I use the present string because a model collapses when I exchange a glove race". For such a visitor, I regulate the thickness of the string in us.

★Price list

new repair studio price list

On the next time, I introduce "spikes repair"! 

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